Geckotui Gallery - Carol Skinner Artwork
I  live in Dargaville,  Northland, New Zealand  near the Northern Wairoa River 

 Quite a few years ago a visit to my artist nephews studio in Victoria, Australia  had me drooling at all the colors, salivating at the paints and pastels  and I was itching to get my hands on all his art materials.  As I got stuck in and  sploshed paint,  pastel and oil crayons  across the  paper I was hooked and haven't stopped since. 

 Art History at University hadn't prepared me for the hands on stuff -
I couldn't put down the materials and returned from Australia with my suitcase full  of paintings.  Inspired by this trip I studied with The Learning Connexion in Wellington and graduated with honours and I haven'nt stopped since.  

My passion is for conveying emotion  - I enjoy mixed media work, abstract and expressionist works dripping with  luscious color and I like using my photographs  in my painting and view  the everryday things in life from a unique viewpoint 

I am inspired by nature, texture - rust, peeling plaster, peeling paint and decay, rocks, stones all holds a myriad of colours within.  Artists who have inspired me  are Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, Dali  and some  Expressionist artists.  I like anything zany, unique and different -   drawing  in pencil,charcoal, pastel or using paint to express my art but you will find I like to use a different twist .

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