The process of creating art provides a means with which I can express from within what I care about, identify with and appreciate. My paintings range from images that are simple and common subjects to abstract expressions of the spirit. And I paint more of what I feel, then what I see.

I have found the best way for me to create is not to go in with the intention to paint  a specific image. What works for me is to let go of expectations, get my mind out of the way, in order to the let art come forth.

I start my process by adding texture, either physical or visual texture, and abstract colors to a surface. By observing, turning it and adding color and shapes I watch and allow the image to reveal it self to me. I delight in the way the abstract texture and color evolves, and how a feeling or image comes forth. This process is very freeing and has allowed me a gratifying way of expressing myself creatively.

My hope is that my art draws an emotion or experience for the viewer and speaks for itself. And that whatever it says to the viewer is true and meaningful. I truly enjoy when each viewer sees or feels something different from the same piece. 


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Beautiful expressions flowing with color, movement and texture. I appreciate the peace I feel when I study some of your works. Thank you for sharing your “mindless” spirit on canvas. : )
-- Jacqueline Carpenter, 4/7/22