Martin J. Heade Postage stamp
My descendant, Martin Johnson Heade, (1819-1904)  painted a stilled and fleeting memoir of the natural world.  His vision gives us the moment of sunrise, a hummingbird hovering over an orchid or the open petals of a magnolia cutting laid so carefully on a table –an image so acutely entrancing that the US Postal Service   created a postage stamp from it .   
Very recently I have turned to painting myself, after years of jewelry making, and I believe the work I did with the beauty of glass beads, gemstones and crystals,  very much has followed me into painting—where I have found watercolor too, to be a coloristic medium.

As I contemplate the beauty of flowers and paint the fleeting fragility of them, I feel a family connection, a thread of common thought that I wish to share with others. 
I found a new love with painting Autumn leaves with fine detail, which all have my own twist on them.

Recently, I tried my hand at the ever changing Acrylic Pouring. My interest never fails as there are no two paintings exactly alike. The viscosity and transparency of this medium keeps me on my toes!

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