• Helena Wierzbicki and Fearless Color
    Helena Wierzbicki is a contemporary artist who uses bold colors and recognizable images to create imaginative pieces of art. The artist, who now resides in Argentina, has been creating art since she was young. She found that she enjoyed spending full days on drawing and painting, allowing her the freedom to express herself. She attended the Art Moore School of Fine Arts, focusing on painting as a specialty and often takes workshops in Buenos Aires. While she doesn’t get to show her art in brick and mortar locations as much, she loves the ability to share her work with so many people around the world through online venues, like ArtistBe.com.

    The first thing you will notice about a piece of art from Wierzbicki is the vibrant use of color and broad brush strokes. She feels that her work is influenced by Fauvism, but ultimately they are produced by her creative mind delving into her emotions and sharing them on the canvas. The colors are meant to capture her emotions and the essence of the subject being depicted. The use of human figures and faces is meant to give the audience something they recognize, but through the viewpoint of her own imagination. Many other artists might hesitate to use such daring color combinations, but she confidently uses them to convey a sense of passionate feelings. In addition to the colors, she has now begun to experiment with texture, including textured canvases.

    Helena Wierzbicki shares her art with a broad audience and was able to reach patrons all across the world. Using this online platform allowed her to focus on her art, while getting the success and support of a community of fans. That allows us to offer a wide selection of her bold and exciting pieces for sale. As you look through her extensive gallery, you will be able to see the energy she creates with each subject. Choosing one of the many beautiful works would add that same energy to any room and create an amazing conversation piece.

    Amanda Hadley
    About the Author Amanda Hadley
    Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences.

Artist's Statement:

I have always enjoyed art from an early age. This love of Art has stayed with me and developed and grown, and now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else. Making art for me, is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds, and a balancing act between the intuitive and the considered. I am interested in exploring my natural abilities and enthusiasm for my commitment to do an art within my innermost thoughts and emotions.
My art is an evolving process, I take and represent only elements which are the essence of the object or of the imaginary being. I rely on my desires for beauty, poetics and seduction.

Helena Wierzbicki, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied with the Argentine masters Luis Barragan and Elio Eros Vitali. Participated in several Art shows locally and some abroad.
Many exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina as:
Asociacion Estimulo de Bellas Artes
SAAP, "Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plasticos" -
Salon de Arte actual, Museo Sivori, Recoleta Cultural Center
Bienal de Pintura, Centro Universitario de Villa Ballester
Asociacion Gente de Arte de Avellaneda
Biblioteca Popular "Bernardino Rivadavia"
SAPI - Sociedad de Artistas Plasticos Independientes
Museo Roca, Salon "Nuevas Imagenes"
CEARCO: Arte Contemporaneo de Argentina
Galeria Arbos Arte -Salon de la Actualidad .Also exhibited in USA, Philadelphia. Salon de Arte Argentino Actual,  at the Sivori Museum, Centro Cultural Recoleta.
Galeria R van R Arte Contemporaneo
Facultad de Derecho de Buenos Aires, Salon Pasos Perdidos

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Buenos Aires, CA - September 10th, 2019

When visualizing the work of Helena Wierzbicki, the expression of a feeling expressed in latent colors is detected, creating an atmosphere of light that breathes strength and sensitivity. Because of its powerful chromaticism and refined profiles to the environment of its enigmatic figures, it creates a magnetism of seduction in its totally balanced work.


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