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Shalom, Helen. It's good to see you are doing well. Mazel Tov.
-- Alex Levy, 10/21/14

Your artwork is phenomenal!! What a multi-talented woman you are! We so enjoyed meeting you here, and I look forward to crossing paths again.
-- Mia Manzo, 3/25/13

Elena, I saw some of your early work, and started following your progress over the years. I was happy to see that you will be @ a show here in Charlotte, NC. at The Wentworth gallery, I can't wait to meet you and see your master pieces.. Mickey
-- Mickey K., 3/18/13

Beautiful colors , a real explosion you have a real talent!!!
-- James Lasenby, 10/5/11

Интересные картины...
-- Костя, 9/14/11

Hi Lena, Your art worok is amazing. Anya (Leah's mom form Tikvah Baby Alef)
-- Anna Mordehai, 7/5/11

Niceartworks , i like them !
-- Elmadani, 3/6/11

You always make me feel in awe of your imagination!
-- Valentina Feldman, 2/22/11

Awesome and impressive website & artworks & everything else here.
-- Larisa, 2/21/11

Excited to have Elena as part of this new adventure under the Art Actually program.
-- Charly, 12/7/10

Lovely paintings--I really liked what you had to say in your bio: "words are not enough to express the astonishment one has before the Ultimate Beauty that has been created by God"--I completely agree with you.
-- J. Brennan White, 10/31/10

Excellent work. Very expressive and unique.
-- Eric Buechel, 6/3/10

Beautiful work,great imagination!
-- James Lasenby, 2/14/10

Lena, beautiful pieces! The energy from your work brings piece, balance, hope and inspiration. Thank you for your talent. Inna
-- Inna, 2/12/10

magu smatret na tvoyu rabotu lena kazhdiy den, i pri etom uspakoyetsya i chustvovat sebya xorosho! =)
-- Secret Memories, 1/31/10

As an audio artist, I can appreciate a visual creation that speaks to me. One of the deepest forms of communication.
-- Tim, 11/17/09

I love your art, and would love to see it again
-- Daniel, 10/15/09

Mne vsio ponravilos! Felicidades!!
-- Karmen Vega, 2/9/09

hi Lena. i love all your artwork. it's so beautiful! hope you're doing well.
-- Jane, 12/12/08

Very sweet Salvador. you should start sculpting. other than that, how's life?
-- Joseph, 12/7/08

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