The natural world of the high desert in Central Oregon, where I live, is the inspiration for my art.

My interest in drawing, painting and all forms of art, including ceramics, began early as a young girl. Summer art classes were always my preferred activity.  Artistic growth blossomed at the university where I majored in education with a minor in art.  During my career as an elementary teacher, I taught students art lessons in all media, especially clay projects, for more than 30 years.  I remain in contact with my favorite art professor, Sr. Noreen O’Leary from Marylhurst University.

In the past 20 years I have rediscovered ceramic art for my own enjoyment.  Recently my art travels have taken me to Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Fiji and Colorado. I have continued my education by studying with ceramic experts such as Doug Casebeer,  Marilu Pelusa Roenthal, Josh DeWeese, Randy Johnston, Suzie Linsey and Ron Meyer.

The outdoors comes into the home through my functional ceramic pieces made for everyday use.  I strive to take the time needed to create unique pottery with attention to form, decoration and color, thinking about each step and enjoying the process.  My pots are colored with earth tones: rocky terra cotta and yellow-gold, creamy white, turquoise, leafy green and celestial blue.  I often carve leaves and flowers onto my pieces.  These shades and shapes remind me of the abundant beauty of nature.

Pastels, painting, drawing and printmaking have always captivated me.  My attention moved toward journal writing and illustrating as I spent more time traveling with family and friends.   It’s difficult to carry ceramics with you while traveling!  At first I used ink and watercolors, but now I prefer pastels (both soft and oil pastels.)  Pastels have a strong appeal to me because of the brilliant colors possible.  Pastels are painted onto a board or surface with my fingers!

Oil pastels are fascinating to me!  Three kinds of oil pastels are utilized in a single oil pastel painting.  I always start with my “work horse” pastels called Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels.  Next the details are added with harder pastels, Caran d’Ache Neopastels.  Finally, a bit of spice and a splash of luscious color are applied with my Sennelier Oil Pastels.  When the work is complete, an acrylic fixative is painted on with a brush to prevent smearing.

Now my artistic efforts are mainly focused on ceramics and oil pastels at home, but I continue to enjoy printmaking, drawing in ink and watercolor painting.  Drawing and watercolors are very portable and best when I travel.  For me, it’s important to always keep the art mix fresh and intriguing. 


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