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Jeff, I'm confused as to why your recent two dozen or so colored pencil drawings are missing from your gallery. Yes, religious satire is controversial and yes, the world is a dangerous place. But I say grow a pair. Put them out there for the world to see. I'm talking about the drawings ofcourse.
-- Jamie, 11/3/16

Your cornucopia of subject matter reminds me of the mad tea party in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I wish your website was more consumer friendly. A PO box? Seriously, that's weird.
-- Chris, 10/6/16

Great talent! Thx
-- Bob Downs, 6/2/16

Your work is a hoot. I especially like your self portraits.
-- Phyllis Fitzgerald, 12/16/14

Loved looking at your works of art. Especially enjoyed your statement re the need for a sense of humor. My mother often said, "If you have lost your sense of humor you have lost everything."
-- Sheila Denes, 10/2/14

This newest addition is spectacular! I may be interested in purchasing it.
-- C. Jeanne Anderson, 6/11/13

I cant wait to meet this artist in person to find out where these multi-faceted thoughts come from. Great stuff
-- Scott, 5/15/12

Jeff, Your work is beautiful, moving. I am so happy you've found such a creative way to express yourself! Laura Caitlin Davis
-- Laura Caitlin Davis, 3/7/12

Just came across your website and am dazzled by your artwork, but especially by your Polymer clay sculptures. This is a medium I am not familiar with, but am very impressed by your originality and creativity. Plan to do some research and will get back to you. Keep up the good work.
-- C. Jeanne Anderson, 1/30/12

Hello Mr King I believe a series of your charcoal nudes are missing from your gallery I can't wait to see more
-- Cy, 1/22/12

Glad you have a website up and running! Congratulations!
-- Holly Foley, 1/21/12

Colored pencil & Polymer clay sculptures