Jennie Lea Knight Scuptures
A catalog of the artist's sculptural work


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"Sculpture will always be my most comfortable media,,, I think like a sculptor. I like the tangible quality of sculpture. It is something that you can touch. It is not elusive. The basic [tenets] of sculpture are simple, dealing with the same problems that we have to deal with in our own bodies, balance, strength, weight, posture, size, and space. Sculpture is not an immediate process. It takes time. . ."

Jennie Lea Knight

Notes on Jennie Lea Knight's sculptures as compiled and photographed by Marcia Newell from 2010 to 2012. Any missing numbers represent either Marcia's gaps in the sequence or items that have been distributed. These are works from the inventory labeled Sept. 13, 2012.

The small sculpture pictures have been added in a new gallery based on the inventory dated Oct. 11, 2012.

For any questions about the artwork displayed here, please send a message to Kathryn Scott using the message form on the contact page.


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