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    I am a 70's child, born and raised in Florida.  At a young age, I was introduced to acrylic paints and took an interest in painting on ceramics . As a teenager, I obtained a position airbrushing and hand-painting for a local business; a position that I enjoyed for many years. After some time, I began exploring and expressing other ways of creating, where painting on canvas has became my medium of choice and is a journey that I am still enjoying today as everyday is an inspiration!
  I am an artist with a passionate love for the arts. My motivation to give life to ideas are inspired by a thought, a dream or by the beauty around us. For me, painting is the place in which my compositions become reflections of my imagination and my intense passion for art. A representational, contemporary artist with a flair towards whimsical expressive, color and lots of joy! Upon completion of works, I feel as if my art has become an extension of myself projected outward, bringing the viewer into my world; the world as I see it. Creating, is not just something I like to do but is something I feel I must do. I hope that you enjoy my pieces, just as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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Watermarks across  images are not on original pieces of artwork