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Latest Work Latest Work
My two latest works appear at first glance to be very different.  In fact, they are very much alike.  Both reflect on the movement of water, while moving through a space, or rather being moved through.
Like all of my work, these pieces are inspired by the constant motion inherent in nature.

Water Series Water Series
These works are inspired by the many ways we experience water in the natural world.

Sedona Vortex Series Sedona Vortex Series
These quilts are a reflection of the power and mystery of the Arizona red rock country.

Volcanoes Volcanoes
Inspired by the magnificent volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands.

Archivally mounted and framed under glass.

Please note that the full image of both works appears much brighter on your screen than in person.  The detail photo is much closer to the actual image.

Music of the Spheres Series Music of the Spheres Series
"There is geometry in the humming of the strings...there is music in the spacing of the spheres."     Pythagoras

With thanks also to Louisa L. Smith, who provided the tools I needed to bring my vision to life.

Starry, starry night Starry, starry night
So many stars.  So many wishes to be made.

More Gallery More Gallery
In a category all their own.

Commissions Commissions
A collaborative effort between artist and client.

Commercial and personal work considered.