1. Kinetic Artwork 1. Kinetic Artwork
Garden, kinetic artwork.

2. Public art 2. Public art
All sculptures are located in Los Angeles Ca.

3. Conceptual film industry art 3. Conceptual film industry art

Much of my work is about the insight I gather within the film industry. from long time directors to retiring prop masters, film-makers express a sense of loss in their ever changing world. It's a whole culture within itself and at the same time a reflection of all of humanity. Love, creation, cancellation, rebirth, teamwork, hope, individualism, and failure are just some of the feelings that I have tried to relay. Using stacks of recovered film relics discarded from the archives of a major studio as inspiration, I try to show a bit of perspective from the people who live in the industry. Sometimes it's the death of film technology by the invading digital technology, other times it’s the first hammerings of the creative process. These reels that once held the art and stood as a symbol for it now stands alone as the art, proclaiming it's place in human history.

4. Copper works 4. Copper works
My favorite material is copper. It's soft and heavy so it has to be precise to let it move with wind or water but the patina it achieves is beautifully organic and will continue to change.

5. Studio City Bridge Proposal 5. Studio City Bridge Proposal
This is a proposed project that is working it's way through the L.A. "Adopt a Median" program in Studio City. Two of these finials will be installed on the Moorpark bridge close to Laurel Canyon. This art piece is made from repurposed aluminum film film relics. 
So far it has been approved by the Studio City Cultural Affairs committee and the Studio City Council. It still has to be approved by an L.A. Transportation engineer and Paul Krakorian. Then there are a few other hurdles before I can install it. Los Angeles is cash strapped these days so I am funding this project with the sales from this website because I think Studio City and the S.F. Valley in general needs more public art. Look for more Studio City projects in the future.

6. Wire Sculpture 6. Wire Sculpture
My Wire Sculptures are an extension of my kinetic art. It's still metal but the movement comes from the curves in the design.

7. Graphite drawings 7. Graphite drawings
During the pandemic I started to draw. Here is
some of my work.

8. Dragon Wings 8. Dragon Wings
 Dragon Wings are sculpted, wind driven, kinetic artwork. 7' in diameter. Coated aluminum, stainless steel supports. Very lightweight, rotates in unexpected ways.

9. Automata + 9. Automata +
Other directions in kinetic art