Ceramic Sculpture by Lecia Joy Designs Ceramic Sculpture by Lecia Joy Designs
Ceramic sculpture is my passion - I work almost exclusively in slab-building techniques and abstract forms. My work focuses on shape and form, plus the smoothness of the surface. I mix all my Cone 6 glazes, but use AMACO glazes for Raku firings. I accept commissions and custom orders. Contact me for more information.

Fun Art Fun Art
Like the title implies, this is a side line of Fun Art! My friends will tell you I have a nerdy/geeky side with a healthy dose of silly thrown in. Here is where I explore it. I accept custom orders, so feel free to contact me for more info!

Rude Art - MATURE content Rude Art - MATURE content
This is a side line I've been working on. Political and social commentary plus good old-fashioned swearing. The exact item pictured may have already been sold, but I probably have a duplicate. I accept custom orders as well.