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Magazine Design Magazine Design
This gallery is a showcase of magazine pages I designed during MA and BA studies.

Advertising Advertising
A bunch of adverts created during studies towards my MA degree. 

Movie posters Movie posters
A few movie posters I redesigned for Graphic Design module of my MA.

Catalogue Design Catalogue Design
I've done one so far and I'm proud of it :) 

Wine Label & Wine Menu Wine Label & Wine Menu
I did this project as part of my studies. My aim was to humorously portray a brand of wine called "The Illusionist". 

Newletters Newletters
There are two newsletters in this gallery. ABC is a newsletter I design for a language school in Italy, while the Esselunga Communique newsletter was a university project.  

Other Graphic Design Projects Other Graphic Design Projects
A collection of graphic design works from word layout to package design completed during my MA studies.

Promotion Campaigns Promotion Campaigns
A real-life project I took part in recently. 

Photography Photography
Camera is my third eye whenever I go. I'm amateur, but enjoying shooting as much as eating pistachio ice-cream :))  

Dry Pastels and Acrylics Dry Pastels and Acrylics
Dry pastels and acrylics are my tools on paper and here is what I've done so far.

Logo Design Logo Design
A few logos created for customers here and there worldwide.

Iga Koczorowska-Kiszka Creative Portfolio

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