Artist’s Statement - Lewis Folden

I think of my artwork not just as a means of personal expression, but as a way to share with others, my delight and excitement in the things I find around me - in particular their spiritual nature. I revel in the discovery of apparently insignificant items, textures, colors, shapes, etc. and collect them constantly. Frequently I do not know exactly what inspires me about something and it can be quite elusive to define - an idea, a function, an association, a color, a resonance - and it can be about contrasts or conjunctions. It’s a simple expression based on a frequently overlooked specific item, but simplicity is a keynote for me.

My assemblages explore those tiny and subtle qualities of each item compared or contrasted to those of another in the work. Each then relates in some small way to yet another which may relate to yet another in still a different manner. The resonances might be clear and loud, or they may be apparent only to me, the artist. These qualities can include purpose, function, spiritual nature, or other more esoteric attributes, while aesthetically technical relationships to one another within the grouping are also an ingredient -- colors connect, positions relate to each other, and materials have quixotic juxtapositions in both the physical and metaphysical realms..

Through simplicity and triviality, eventually can come sophisticated complexities rising to cosmic importance. In my work I most love to memorialize the ephemeral, celebrate the beauty of insignificance, recognize the tiny interconnected resonances between objects and ideas, and use as much of a sense of space, volume, surface and texture as I possibly can.


Bio/Resume Lewis Folden
born: Tacoma, WA
grew up: Santa Rosa, CA
currently living: Manhattan

Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Davis - 1972
Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University - 1977

teaching experience:

assistant professor:
Dept. of Theatre, SUNY Buffalo from 1978 - 1980

visiting assistant professor:    
    George Mason University - multiple times
    Towson State College, MD - multiple times
    Georgetown University - multiple times

guest artist:
Catholic University of America, Wash. DC - consistently over past 10 years

professional credits:
I have always worked as an artist, but it is only in the past few years that I have started to focus on the fine arts. My recent accomplishments in that area are listed below. Not shown are a substantial number of works sold to individuals and collectors throughout the country from Florida to Alaska and from Maine to Texas.

In a 30+ year career as an award-winning scenic designer, my scenery has appeared in many theatres -- Washington DC's Kennedy Center, The Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co., and Theatre J; Philadelphia's Peoples' Light & Theatre Co., Freedom Theatre and The Arden Theatre; Minneapolis' Children's Theatre Co.; Buffalo's Studio Arena; Norfolk's Virginia Stage Co.; and others. I have extensive dance experience including The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, The Boston Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and Pittsburgh Ballet.

My scenic designs have appeared on both coasts and have traveled as far afield as London, Prague and Italy. Most recently I have designed world premieres by world-renowned playwrights Ariel Dorfman, Jules Feiffer, and Robert Brustein.

solo exhibitions:
     Midoma Gallery - New York - Apr/May 2012
     Covington & Burling private gallery - DC - Jul 2009
    Cosi - Park & 31st - New York - Feb 2009 
    Tavern on Jane - New York - Sep 2008
    Cosi - Park & 21st - New York - Jun 2008, July 2008, Aug 2008
    Midoma Gallery - New York - Jun 17 - Jul 19, 2008
    Cosi - Park & 21st - New York - Apr/May 2008

group exhibitions:
    Front Street Gallery - Patterson, NY - May/Jun 2012
     Brooklyn Artists Gym - Brooklyn - Apr 2012
     Gallery Bar - Manhattan - Feb 2012
     Itkowitz & Harwood - Nov 2011 to Mar 2012
    BeijaFlor Gallery - Wimberley TX - Mar 2009 
    The Canvas Project: ArtHouse Coop - Atlanta GA - Dec 2008
    Output at reBar - Brooklyn - Aug. 2008
    nAscent Art NY - Chelsea Market - Aug/Sep 2008
    ArtGotham - 5th Square Foot Show - Jun 2008
    Reflect-arts - Small Works - Jun 2008
    Arlington Public Library - Social Politics - juried - Jun 2008
    On the Bright Side Art Gallery - Jersey City - Apr 2008
    Arlington Public Library - Recycled Art - juried - Apr 2008
    nAscent Art NY - Art on the Block - juried - Mar 2008
    nAscent Art NY - New York - Mar. 2008
    Output at reBar - Brooklyn - Mar. 2008
    nAscent Art NY - Philadelphia - Jan. 2008



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