Linda Shelton grew up on a ranch in South Central, Washington.  Since youth, she has been intrigued with how to transfer images, whether real or imaginary, from the mind’s eye to paper.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in Art from Central Washington State College, Shelton joined United Airlines as a flight attendant.  During her 30 year airline adventure, Linda experimented in many different art media . . . joyfully discovering what each amazing world offered.  Although watercolor is her favorite, Linda continues to explore all art media in many projects from cork boards to chairs for charity and everything in between.

MEDIA:   Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink and Watercolor

MEMBERSHIP:   Sagebrushers' Art Society, Watercolor Society of Oregon

RECENT EXHIBITIONS:  See Exhibition page.


I sail on my imagination in all that I do.  It guides and drives me to capture that spark of humor or sense of respect I hold for nature both whimsically and otherwise.  I find working with watercolor excites and challenges me.  I love how it mingles in most extraordinary ways.  Just as a mystery, it offers much to be solved . . . in particular, capturing that elusive, luminous quality of light.  All subjects for my paintings are eclectic.  It may be the mood, the temperature, a pose, a family connection, or the contrast in colors.  I paint to convey a story.  Imagination . . . what a wonderful gift!


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