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Particularly fond of the seascapes and sea life. I can tell you love art. Perhaps someone should go on a road show!
-- Douglas Dishauzi, 1/30/19

Dear Marilyn - I love your paintings! Thanks for sending the beautiful Christmas card. Love to see your Gallery in person. Do you have a painting studio in Connecticut? Love, Bahereh
-- Bahereh Manning, 12/18/18

Absolutely wonderful paintings... filled with a 'strength in gentleness'... Is there a way to purchase a print? Very interested in the one called Panthers in the Everglades.. Thank you!
-- Teresa, 2/24/18

I absolutely love your paintings! I love even more that I have my very own of my sweet Jillybean! Hope to spend time with you again soon.
-- Jen Battles, 1/20/11

Great work !!!. Keep the spirit high.
-- Paul Livadiotis, 12/30/10

You are much too modest. Perhaps you really don't want to sell any of these beauties, but I think you're missing a good thing. Kay and I'll talk to you about that later.
-- Joe Gebhardt, 5/17/10

Beautiful work , your paintings explode with color! I'm glad I found this site to show some of my stuff.
-- James Lasenby, 11/7/09

Marilyn, Your work is wonderful. I particularly like the flowers, birds and still lifes. There is a freshness and vibrancy in your work and you have a wonderful sense and use of color. I'm quite impressed. Have a wonderful trip to France and a pleasant summer in the north. We will look forward to seeing you when you return to Naples.
-- Coby Simerly, 6/25/09

Love your paintings! What a great collection! Samantha from Dr.KC's office
-- Samantha Fontana, 12/16/08

Great collection! Thanks for sharing this, Marilyn. Best regards, Bahereh
-- Bahereh, 12/8/08

The paintings are lovely. The flowers are just breathtaking.
-- Diane Hazelton, 12/6/08

WOW! I really am impressed!!
-- Phyllis M. Phillips, 7/20/08