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Your art amazes me! I love the colors and composition. Just beautiful!
-- Jeannie , 8/30/17

Beautiful paintings. A perfect diversion, very enjoyable.
-- Jeff, 7/14/16

Your art work is awesome. You are such a talent. Thank you for sharing your talent.
-- Milena M. Phillips, 3/19/15

Mark KertzmanHi, I am a fellow zhibitor. I love the bright colors and clean lines. Keep up the good work!-Mark
-- Mark Kertzman, 8/24/13

I love your work! It's so colorful and confident! I'm so glad we're friends.
-- Jeannie Winton, 8/15/13

Love your work Marlene!!
-- Miriam Milen, 8/9/13

I LOVE your work! The colors, the mood, its beautiful! It was so nice meeting you at Michael's and looking forward to becoming more involved in RB art.
-- Jeannie Winton, 1/27/13

There is a happy glow about your work, and it's the sort of art that wears well and is good to live with.
-- Joyce Chesbrough, 5/1/12

You have an amazing eye for color. You put together colors I didn't know even went together!
-- Lysa Chesbrough, 3/28/12

Hi Marlene.
-- Jeff Bertino, 1/15/12

Very Beautiful artwork, you are absolutely fabulous ))
-- Brandi Green, 8/15/11

So colorful and interesting. Your work is amazing!
-- Amy Bekier, 5/27/11

Great website. Sharon
-- Sharon Ford, 5/21/11

I have always loved your color style with painting. These are beautiful pieces! From one artist to another: Create, create and create some more!
-- Jeri Risin, 12/30/10

Marlene, love your color and sense of design--so vibrant, so much energy. We are so lucky to own one of your works.
-- Susan Snodgrass Thompson, 6/27/10

Beautiful!!! Your use of color is amazing.
-- Janice Reich, 3/17/10

David Thornton Knapp Great stuff. I love your warm upbeat colors, I felt like my room temperature went up when I looked at your gallery.
-- David Thornton Knapp , 10/16/09

what a talent. i am impressed
-- Herb Weisenthal, 3/29/09

Marlene--You are a beautiful genius, but why did you wait until 1991 to share your talent with the world? I am more than just a little impressed. Congrats and continued good fortune.
-- Alan Sandorf, 1/27/09

Beautifuul work of art Zorica Joy
-- Zorica Joy, 8/27/08