Abstract Field of Flowers

Abstract Field of Flowers
The end of summer is so sad to me, but my sadness is tempered by the beautiful colors out in nature this time of year.  The umbels that have been white all summer have turned the color of Burgundy, while around them the yellow-green of Solidagos are ramping up, getting ready for their turn to bloom.  For this painting I wanted to boil it all down to sweeps of color, so delicious to look at as they merge one into another.  

I worked on this painting for a month!  I thought it would be fairly easy, but the image I carried in my head eluded my paintbrush.  In the end, however, I am happy with it.  All the more since it was such a struggle.  I often find that~ just when it seems success is beyond my reach, if I just try again, Life smiles at me.


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