High Merry. I love your work!!!
-- Connie Roschlau Ball, 9/13/22

I like your work...very well done...attitude. Pelican Bay, TX
-- Ca York, 1/28/18

Imagine me finding you online through your show with David!!!! What fun is your work! Take care friend.
-- Carol Currie, 3/5/16

Hey Merry, Just cruised through the website. Love the DART series! You captured it!
-- Jacquie, 3/13/15

Thank you Merry. I enjoyed this closer look at your art. Looking fgorward to your demo in Irvi9ng!
-- Kelaine Kvale, 9/7/13

I detect a real sense of humor here!! Love your work Merry! Fabulous!
-- Terri Miezwa, 7/21/13

Fabulous work lady! Would love to get inside your crazy world.
-- Annette, 5/16/13

who is CHF.. I like the CHF ones with the skeleton and apples. Keep up the good work
-- Linda, 3/10/12

Love the marshmellows! You have such an interesting mind and wonderful work.
-- Barbara Dubovsky, 7/6/11

I love your portfolio here!!! Some of it made me cry. Most made me laugh. You are a real talent with great insight worth thinking about.
-- Lori Grassman, 5/11/11

Barbara Dubovsky I love your colored pencil work!
-- Barbara Dubovsky , 12/21/10

I think 3 graces might still be one of my favorites.
-- Deborah, 9/4/10

Merry, Your new work is wonderful. I always look forward to seeing the latest. Best wishes, Susan K Boyle
-- Susan K Boyle, 3/9/10

So glad you told me about this site. It's wonderful seeing your work.
-- Betty Copeland, 1/5/10

I love the new piece Golden Boys!
-- Jeannie Bishop, 11/29/09

Great Work Merry!
-- Pamela, 10/21/09

Tres coolio this sutff
-- Hailey, 8/24/09

I still enjoy your work. I'm glad to see others do too. R
-- Randall Derubeis, 4/18/09

I love your beautiful, clever work! It's very fun.
-- Jeannie Bishop, 2/6/09

One word..."Wonderful"
-- Wayne Maynard, 1/28/09

Merry, I get excited every time I see your work the same as I did when we were in grad school. You continue to stretch your limits .
-- Joseph Melancon, 1/19/09

Merry, Its great to see your latest work. You are so inventive AND you draw like a master! I treasure "Cascade" the monoprint I bought from your MFA show. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Glad to see you are on-line.
-- Susan Boyle, 11/24/08

David MoloneyI really like your stuff its very trippy, how did u come up with so much good material, wow! I really enjoyed it.
-- David Moloney, 10/17/08

David DorrellReally creative visions. Very unique feel to your work.
-- David Dorrell, 10/17/08

-- Judith Summerville, 10/16/08

I love your work
-- Amy Lloyd, 5/7/08

I love your work!
-- Jeannie Bishop, 3/12/08

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