What we do as artists is pretty nominal.  We are not at the edge where intelligence is created. One can get a lot more information from reading an article rather than viewing art, if one is interested in pure data. What we do as artists is art. We create a sort of poetry with information.  Making art is a way to reflect on and interact with the world. A fountain of youth.  It’s important that everyone involved has a good time.  Looking at an idea in different ways is crucial.   Shifting perspective, materializing the theoretical, and exploring complex ideas though humor, simplicity, and clever delivery is what I find compelling.  Humor is a great vehicle for truth.

What’s interesting about ‘contemporary conceptual art’ and ‘new media’ is the inherent freedom and exploration of perspective. Idea determines form. Thinking is sexy and knowledge is power.  It's important for people to question themselves and stay open to experiencing ideas in new and different ways.  Question authority.  More importantly, question oneself as an authority.  This mantra leads to a richer experience and drives me as an artist.  Materializing an idea that doesn't inherently make sense is an interesting and simple way of exploring a profound concept. I'm in love with the absurd, materializing it, making it important, and contextualizing it as art.
  The days of the artist doing one thing and pursuing it to no end are done.  Anything goes; Products of the hyper-connected, the hyper-social;  We exist in a world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Television, all tamed via smart phone; I observe the world in motion.  My process is is similar to a blog or a twitter feed. There’s a certain sensibility and personality that links the work, but the discussion is ongoing and ever changing.  I'm not interested in pursuing one idea, concept, or style to an indefinite end.  I'm interested the next post...



This show is dedicated to America, the most interesting person I've ever met and at the same time, biggest asshole I know.  I want to capture my relationship with this place we all call home; I’m giving the word 'patriot' an honest and genuine meaning…it’s a reflection of my America, my home.


When I take a photograph, I'm capturing my experience and presenting it in a way that's interesting and extraordinary.  This usually ends up being weird and riddled with over-indulgence, just the way I like it.


I am intrigued by line, color, and pattern. Creating works that are interesting and beautiful.   I create work that reflects honesty and my relationship to material through playful ambiguity.  Imagine a personal vocabulary of mark making, found shape, and the exploration of color chemistry colliding to create a gorgeous train wreck, predetermined and orchestrated by the hand of a mad scientist.  

A paradoxical game of tug-of-war is played between the conscious and unconscious where neither truly wants to win.   The result is a play between imagination and choice.  The imagination is a gatekeeper, the medium through which the two parts of the mind communicate. I attempt to bring the theory of active imagination into a contemporary context with these works.  The goal of active imagination is to assimilate the contents (fantasies, experiences, dreams, emotions, ect.) of the conscious and unconscious mind through some form of self-expression.  This act gives a voice to both sides of the personality, creating a line of communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.  

I think Dubuffet says it best, “We participate in an artistic process which is completely pure, raw, and entirely reinvented in all of its phases by the artist, from his impulses alone.  Therefore, of an art which manifests itself through the function of invention only.” 


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