Tom Miller Paintings
Tom Miller (born October 5, 1965 in Hialeah, Florida) is an American writer, artist, musician, and performance artist.

Miller began his career in Gainesville, Florida in 1984. Miller performed in the bands Middle Earth, Penguin, NDolphin, Bill Perry Orchestra, The Space Masons, and Chicago's Vini and the Demons as the bass player. He is the author of 45 Chapbooks, and has over 50 "AudioArt" CDs to his credit. His poetry has been published in many small press periodicals including Ploplop, Abbey, Poetry Motel, Moon Magazine, and Jim Chandler's Thunder Sandwich. His most recent written work, simply titled Project r, explores the concept of reality using an eclectic mixture of Miller's unique stories, poems, articles and blogs and reveals a good bit of autobiographical content.

Tom Miller is the writer and director of more than 100 independent VideoFilms. Miller is also known for notorious stunts including the Naked Press Conference, a 17 hour reading of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" and his frequent UFO Secrecy Protests. Tom Miller has painted portraits of many Gainesville celebrities and public figures, including Mayor, Pegeen Hanrahan, Former Gainesville Chief of Police, Wayland Clifton, Hemp Activist and former Candidate for Florida Governor, Michael Geison, and Gainesville's legendary house drag queen for The University Club, The Lady Pearl.

Miller was a candidate for the Gainesville City Commission in 1995. He was the host for a decade of Gainesville's HempFests,[1] and was a plaintiff among several organizers in a 1995 1st Amendment lawsuit which the city lost, both on its initial filing and on appeal. Miller's avant-garde variety show, The Tom Miller Show, has been a staple of entertainment in Gainesville, Florida from 1984 to the present day.

Miller has received significant press coverage for his writings, artworks, performances, and activism in Gainesville, Florida over the last two decades. He continues touring with live performance art shows, poetry readings, videography, and currently performs on electric bass in the 60s style musical group" The Righteous Kind"[2]

In 2010 he performed a piece devoted to David Lynch's TV series, Twin Peaks, as a benefit for Transcendental Meditation, which both Miller and Lynch practice.


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