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Very nice Nora!You are talented.
-- Linda Martinez, 10/14/18

Nora, I love your work! Your intricate details are amazing! Gorgeous!!
-- Sandy Mcintyre, 6/20/17

Even though we are family Aunt Nora, you do have a wonderful gift! I'm just so excited to see the painting I want you to do for Heather Love you and absolutely remarkable I'm so impressed with your attention to detail magnificent truly majestic!!!
-- Matthew, 11/26/16

Absolutely love the home page. (smile)
-- Samuel Walter Lee, 4/23/16

Mark KertzmanOne of the things I like about Zhibit is checking out other people's art. I was particularly drawn (pun intended) to your oil paintings....so vivid, wonderful!
-- Mark Kertzman, 9/18/15

Nora...you are truly blessed with a creative gift. Your mixed media talents are way cool. I especially love your note cards. I open one up and reflect on the image while sitting at my computer desk. Knowing you and your work from way back...I feel forever part of your whimsical space. Thanks for sharing!
-- Jennifer Pillion, 9/15/15

Nora, It was a pleasure meeting you as well as seeing your wonderful paintings at the Winery over the weekend. Thank you so much for the signing of my new print that I got from you as well. Looking forward to seeing your "SteamPunk" work.
-- Richard Rudolph, 8/17/15

Nora--you are a gifted artist! Thank you again for sharing your experience with us the other day!
-- Roy Matsueda, 12/14/14

Hi Nora, i really enjoyed your site and your beautiful paintings!
-- Donna Smyth, 2/15/14

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