Opal Jean Cocke
I come from a rich heritage of quilters in my family.  Even though my mom never taught me, I must have absorbed it through watching and being and threading needles under the quilting frame at the church group. Many years later after life happened, and when I retired, I had time to do what I had always loved. I put all that fabric I had acquired here and there to good use. I began with traditional quilting, but soon realized that rules were okay to break, and I pushed the edges with technique and color. 

I love color.  I love  creating edginess, textures, and subtleties that are embedded in design and line.  I love the whole process of making a quilt from the first tiny pieces sewn together to the final hand stitched binding.

 My studio looks on to the waters of the Saratoga Passage and the woods, all the beauty of living in this place.  I am  inspired  every single day. When I'm not working on a quilted project, I'm sketching, painting, or taking photos with my camera. There is inspiration in every blink. 


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