I've been painting in oils and acrylics for almost 40 years now. My newest paintings are heavily textured giving the illusion of movement as you walk past. The texturing makes one want to 'reach out and touch' it - making it interactive with the viewer.  I am doing a series of textured paintings in which I use color shifting iridescent paints. The colors really sparkle!

I also work in polymer clay, paper maiche, and glass. The glass work was quite unexpected. My home burned down in the Cedar Fire in October, 2003 and in the debris I found a beautiful piece of glass and collected it and more. I have cleaned, acid washed, coated and mounted them and the results are breathtaking. I could see many things as I worked with the metal and glass, fish, steer head, flowers, etc. I tried to keep them as 'natural' as possible, as most are a single piece of glass or other debris, cleaned, coated and mounted. I have a few that are combined to make a more dramatic and beautiful sculpture. Some are mounted on pieces of my garden wall that went through the fire. Others are mounted on pieces of marble and mirror. Each is unusual, unique and intriguing, seeing the colors in some of the glass or the way pieces melted together produce a wonderful experience. I am hoping to get gallery representation in the San Diego area. The pictures are mere visual representation of each sculpture or piece of jewelry. To really appreciate it you need to see them, hold them, touch them, turn them and see what nature can create in her 'kiln.'

Please remember that a picture may be worth a thousand words but these works are a thousand times nicer than the pictures could ever depict.


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