Blogging beginner!

Where to begin? Well for a start, this is my first ever blog. I'm not sure how to do it or what to say so i will just begin by saying that I am happy to be here!

The website has been running for a few weeks now and is one of my proudest achievements. Without my husband, Rich's help, it would probably never have happened so it is a joint collaberation and i have to say a huge thank you to him for all his guidance and patient assistance!

Panda-Art didn't exist a year ago. If someone had told me two years ago that in two years time I would be running private art classes for children in the local community I would have been amazed. To then follow it up with a website and commissions and sales of my own work would have surprised me even further. It's amazing when you look back on life at how your path changes and how things move forwards. Perhaps not always in the way you might have thought or even have chosen but in my case to a place where I am finally feeling a sense of creative achievement both for myself and when I look at the work of the children I teach. They are all so talented.  

Talking of which I have to go now and teach my afternoon class. No Panda club tonight. It's my only free night of the week and one on which I either do the food shop or get my hair cut. Today it's hair cut day!

I will try to blog regualrly but as each entry in my diary is at least 5 or 6 months apart I can't guarantee it! Pleas take time to look at Panda-Art and enjoy in particular the work done by the children. Best wishes to any that read this.



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