Artist Statement
My paintings are created by bursting acrylic filled balloons onto canvas.  Inspired by drips and digital paint techniques for advertising, I appropriate these forms and translate them into the medium of painting. The exploding paint allows for the revelation of the spontaneous image.  The shapes organically connect across the canvas, formulating visual narratives.  My palette varies; in some works the colors soften and cool to tones that are reminiscent of spacescapes or dreams. My latest work offers monochromatic backgrounds that set up a space that can be read as either a vacuum or an endless universe.  The works are both light reflecting and light absorbing which seem to have an illusionistic incandescence pictured within.  From a visual standpoint, this splattered paint reveals a risk that plays a decisive act. It is the risk in this limited process that the painting will not lead to the right image or any image at all for that matter.  Therefore concentration and precision become the major factors in the moving and setting of the paint.  It is the oscillation between abstraction and figuration that completes my process.  My works are at once the image and every mark that has gone into making the paintings.


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 Paul Baker • New York, NY
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