My artistic journey
I started what I call my "Great Art Adventure" late in life. I drew and painted a little when I was a teenager, but my artistic experiments fell by the way side as I went to college and started my career and family. I tried to start again a couple of times over the years, but I never managed to stay focused.

in 2010, I turned 50, and I figured that it was now or never! I was inspired by Betty Edward's book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and I tried to test her theory that drawing is a learn-able, cognitive skill. I spent about a year drawing. Then I spent about 6 months painting in black and white. I've been painting with color ever since. I paint in acrylics, but I hope to try oils, too.

I'm a portrait and figure painter at heart, though I've done some still life works and hope to do landscapes in the future. I love the challenge of trying to capture a person's character and inner spirit - to enter their inner world and bring out what they're feeling and thinking.
I hope to encourage other people my own age - those who've felt artistic urges but have never pursued them. To them, I say go for it!! It's never too late to begin doing something that you should have perhaps been doing all along!


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