This is a quick view of our artists, with just one image for each artist, to give you an idea of what we have in the gallery. 

The gallery stocks a selection of local & Irish craft  including hand thrown pottery, jewellery, hand made cards, textile art, mosaics, hand knits, stained glass & more. 

I believe art and spirituality are deeply connected going hand in hand so creating this addition to the gallery felt natural. 
This is just a taste of some of the items we stock. 

I try hard to source giftwear that you won't find easily elsewhere, so that when you buy, you really are giving something different. There is something for every taste here.This is only a small example of what you'll find.

Aleksandra Nowosielska Aleksandra Nowosielska
Aleksandara is from Poland, now living and working locally in Westmeath. Aleks is a trained tattoo artist. 

Brendan Leavy Brendan Leavy
Brendan Leavy, is a self taught artist living in Co. Meath, working mainly with graphite pencil and charcoal.

Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin
Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin (pronounced Kee-veen O Cree-awn) is an Irish artist who has exhibited widely around Ireland. His work consists of drawings and paintings and features cityscapes of Dublin, images based on Irish history and other work with social/political themes.

Count Jonathan Von Baumann Count Jonathan Von Baumann
Jonathan has been with us in the gallery from the start. He had a background in fashion design and worked in his parents jewellery shop at a young age and the influence shows in his beautiful work. Each piece Jonathan creates is a unique design. 
He has recently started to design his own fashion jewellery pieces at very affordable prices as well as embellished tiles and plates. Jonathan was one of the artists recently interviewed by Irish t.v in our gallery.

Courtney Davis Courtney Davis
“For everyone involved in the current renaissance of Celtic art, Courtney Davis is our inspirational grandfather. With his ubiquitous fine art designs reproduced on all manner of New Age kitsch, his career has served to awaken an entire generation to the glories of Celtic art. His prodigious output of 50 books has made him a legend in his time. Because he has licensed his work to so many, his work has become the equivalent of traditional folk songs, familiar and with a timeless quality.” Pat Fish 

Dawn Aston Dawn Aston
Born in Belfast, Dawn lives near the Co Antrim Coast where she is inspired.
For Dawn art is an exploration, a journey that takes her through different mediums and processes. Her passion for the natural world and for Art ensures a continual exchange between these areas encompassing mosaics, paintings, photography, mixed media and the design and production of gardens.

Elaine Clyne Elaine Clyne
Elaine Clyne is one of our local artists, living and working in Killucan Co.Westmeath. She is a self-taught artist working mainly with acrylics, inspired by nature and scenes from everyday country living. 

Emma Noonan Emma Noonan
Emma Noonan is a Textile Artist, living in Delvin, Co. Westmeath. She has always been interested in embroidery of all forms from the beginning of her college career and in her last year of college she combined the techniques of freestyle embroidery with batik paper to create large pieces of textile art.

The Faerie Taylor The Faerie Taylor
Emily uses everything that can be found in nature, from pressed flowers, grasses, feathers and snake skin all delicately arranged to make up exquisite faerie clothing all perfectly framed. 

Fiona Seoige Fiona Seoige
Fiona is living and working in Co. Meath, taking inspiration from nature, Irish mythology, ancient Celtic symbols and the many sacred sites and in Ireland. 

Hazel Revington-Cross Hazel Revington-Cross
Hazel is a self taught artist living and working in Co. Westmeath in Ireland.
She is inspired by people places and stories that touch her life and leave a mark on her soul. She works mainly in oils using a pallet knife.

In 2014 Hazel opened and continues to run Purple Raven Art gallery. 

Heidi Wickham Heidi Wickham
 Heidi Wickham graduated from Bristol in 1989 and moved to Ireland, now living in Co. Sligo. Her passion is charcoal drawing and in particular drawing animals.

Heidi welcomes commissions and is available to do portraits of any animal you wish. 

Jason Robards Jason Robards
Nature inspired, stunning chairs, handmade by Jason the old fashioned way using only hand tools and finishing them off with bees wax. Each piece is unique and are made using a combination of woods such as birch, beech, ash and hazel. 

Kevin Meehan Kevin Meehan
Kevin Meehan is one of our local artists from Mullingar Co Westmeath. Kevin is a self taught artist and works mainly in oils. He began exhibiting his still life paintings with the gallery when it opened in 2010.


Morgan Gibbs Morgan Gibbs
Morgan is completely self taught artist. He began using oils in 2008.
One of Morgan's passions and subsequent inspirations for his paintings comes from his love of wildlife. Morgan is now teaching art. 

Noeleen Egan Noeleen Egan
Noeleen is a local artist living in Co.Meath. Noeleen takes her inspiration from nature with a particular love for the sacred site of Tara. 

Oisin metal art Oisin metal art
Gerry Hesnan takes inspiration from his days as an aeronautical engineer at Aer Lingus. There he developed a love for metalwork and a reverence for design, which would lead him to found Oisin Metal Art.  Materials are natural, locally sourced and recycled. Gerry sculpts original elegant designs that have an earthy Irish character. 

Seamus Tuohy Seamus Tuohy
Seamus is a local landscape painter who has returned home after many years living abroad. His paintings are of instantly recognisable local scenes. 

Stephen Revington Stephen Revington
Hand made stick people. One night while this man couldn't sleep he dreamt up an idea and the next day he got up and made it. Every night there was a new idea and everyday he created it.  

Theresa McCoy Theresa McCoy
Theresa McCoy is one of our local artists, living in Westmeath. She paints using oils on old roof slates. Theresa does a range of small humours signs on slate and wood. She is presently living near Drumcree bog where flora and fauna are all around for inspiration.

Wildlife photography Wildlife photography
Images of our country's beautiful wildlife captured locally by Hazel Revington-Cross are available through the gallery in the form of printed photographs & greeting cards. 

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