Albion printing press, made by Henry Watts of London
Pythagoras Press™ specializes in books dealing with the relation of the humanities and culture to science and medicine. Other areas include the presentation of medical topics for a general readership, and a select collection of creative works from other fields.

Our latest offerings include:

'The curious history of medicines in psychiatry' by Wallace B. Mendelson MD.
'Molecules, madness, and malaria' by Wallace B. Mendelson MD
'Nepenthe's children' by Wallace B. Mendelson MD
'Fragile Brilliance' by Wallace B. Mendelson MD

All books are available on Amazon, and are publicized primarily under the name of Medical Book Buys (

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A few words about our press: It is named after Pythagoras, born in sixth century BC Greece, and who may have been the first person to call himself a philosopher, or lover of wisdom.  Although most famous for his Pythagorean Theorem in trigonometry, his thought influenced many other areas.  It is said that in listening to five blacksmiths hammering at a forge, he developed his first notions of harmony, and also formulated a method of tuning musical instruments.  One of his beliefs was that the sun, planets and moon move in a harmonic manner which produces an inaudible but universal music.  While this has been interpreted many different ways, we at Pythagoras Press view this metaphorically: we concur in the more general notion that there is a kind of beauty which can be perceived in the study of nature. We have tried to publish books which are not only scientifically accurate, but which are written in such a way that they express the pleasure and beauty which can be glimpsed in the study of medicine and science.

The picture at the top of the home page is an Albion Printing Press made by Henry Watts of London, in the Radstock Museum.  It is taken from Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 unported license.


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