I started sculpting while studying art at Goddard College in Vermont.  Personal tragedies prevented me from completing my college education but my love of sculpture never died.  Originally I worked in a number of mediums including metals, plaster, cement, fiberglass, and plastic.  Today I work primarily in welded steel representing ideas, questions and clichés. I am always aware of the emotions and conundrums of daily life and work to ask universal questions, display emotion, and are either obvious or ambiguous.  My work may make you think, groan, or smile.  

I call the wire figures in my sculptures "Almas", which is Spanish for souls.  The Almas are in context offering interesting questions, clichés, and emotions which are sometimes obvious and sometimes not.

I also do a lot of fabrication work with through www.custommade.com/by/coldsteelart/

In addition I post a much of my "landscape art" at /www.coldsteelart.com


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