Representational and abstract art


RJ painting in Santa Fe
In 1962 I went to the University of Arizona in Tucson to study nuclear and mechanical engineering. We did layouts of jet aircraft engines in pencil on a drawing board, calculations with a slide rule, and started using computers. After my work at Pratt & Whitney I took part in a drawing class while taking graduate level courses in ocean engineering at Florida Atlantic University. In between jobs I sailed the Caribbean, toured Europe, and came back to a job in Phoenix, Arizona. While working in Phoenix, I took more drawing and painting classes, and enjoyed hiking and exploring the Grand Canyon. After moving to Taos, New Mexico I built Casa Kronenburg and the studio--and so spent 25 years as an engineer and 25 years as a self taught artist in Taos. I am inspired by rock formations, rivers, and the great weather systems we have here in New Mexico. Driftwood, wildlife, and the unique forms in nature are the starting points of some of my best abstracts.


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