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Great artist! I'm a happy owner of one of these works of art, hangs in my home in Pennsylvania.
-- Konstantinos Mikropoulos, 7/21/15

mamash yafé meod!!!
-- Raquel, 1/3/15

Hi Romaya, your art is fantastic, the colors, the expression - always a pleasure to view and fall in love with your creations Best Regards Gil
-- Gil Pahl, 7/16/13

Во - первых, с Днем Любви!!!! Желаю любви и процветания!!! Во - вторых, Очень интересные работы, но хотелось бы увитеть в оригинале.
-- Harry Kolny, 2/14/13

Mark KertzmanYofi! I especially loved your nature scenes. I started painting at a late age with no instruction and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share how you get the look of rain on pavement. Todah Rabah.-Maak
-- Mark Kertzman, 10/20/12