About twenty years ago, my husband took me on my first cruise.  I was very excited about the opportunity to really "dress up" a couple times and found a lovely Asian-inspired silk jacket to wear one evening.  After a week of searching unsuccessfully for jewelry to complement the jacket, I took it back to the small boutique to return it. The sales woman was surprised as she remembered how much I loved the jacket when I purchased it. When I explained that I just could not find the right jewelry to wear with it she said, "Well, you'll just have to make it!"

She directed me to a small bead store where a lovely young woman helped me choose just the right pearls, stones and findings.  Although I did the stringing, she did the heavy-lifting resulting in a beautiful pendant necklace and earrings that I still wear on special occasions. 

Thus began my love affair with beads. 

Since then, I have been fortunate to live where I had access to classes, supplies and women with a similar passion who were happy to help me develop my craft. Along the way, I have made some wonderful new friends and found a creative side I didn't know I possessed. 

The pieces you see on this site were made with love:
  • Love of beautiful, quality pearls, stones and beads
  • Love of spending time with good friends while searching for just the right combination of beads for each piece and
  • Love of the idea that someone else might enjoy wearing something I have created
I hope you enjoy seeing the pieces on display here and will find something that you love!


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