Soul Reflections, LLC Soul Reflections, LLC By Sally Pray
Hand Crafted Jewelry from Glass


I've had a passion for water and glass all my life. Both my passions for water and glass came together when I moved to Camano Island.  Once my studio with its spectacular view of the water and sunsets was up and running my designs and creativity have become endless and unlimited. I can’t seem to build my jewelry as fast as the designs are flowing from me.

A reflection of my soul can be found in every piece I design.  One of the unique things of my designs is decorating the front and backs of my jewelry.

                                                      My motto is:

                      "You gotta look good whether you're coming or going."

I love working with dichroic glass because of the vibrant colors created during the fusing process.  All my designs are based on the glass itself.  All my glass is fused in a kiln.  Once all my glass is fused the decision to use it in an earring, necklace, ring or whatever is based on the color, size and shape of the piece.

People ask me all the time how I come up with so many designs.   I guess it depends on the mood I'm in while designing or it could depend on the movie I'm watching or the bottle of wine I'm enjoying.  Maybe the sunset or the winter storms raging outside of my studio all have a dramatic effect on my designs.  My husband tells people "She sits, dreaming of her obsessive desire to see people walking all over the planet, wearing her feelings all over their ears, necks, fingers or.... I can't help but laugh out loud when he tells people this it's SO true.



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