Soul Reflections, LLC Soul Reflections, LLC By Sally Pray
Hand Crafted Jewelry from Glass


Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website! Thanks for sharing!
-- Swarovski Halskette Onlin, 4/17/15

You are sooooo talented!!!!!!!!!!
-- Susan Morledge Watters, 3/3/15

Soul Reflections, LLCThanks Hamela and Colleen Hendrickson it needs a lot more work but it's a step....Thanks for all your support, kindness and you from your favorite Seester in law and your favorite daughter in law ��
-- Soul Reflections, LLC, 3/3/15

Your jewelry is stunning every time I wear a piece I get so many compliments. Love you and your jewelry
-- Pam Currier, 3/3/15

Soul Reflections, LLCThanks everyone! It's a work in progress not sure why it only posted my necklaces and didn't show my whole web-site couldn't have done it without sooooo much support and encouragement from EYERYONE!!!
-- Soul Reflections, LLC, 3/3/15

Im so impressed that you keep coming out with such beautiful designs. I love wearing your jewelry, i get so many compliments!!
-- Colleen Hendrickson, 3/3/15

Sal, love these and love you!
-- Susan Watters, 3/3/15

-- Candace Tornay-Gonzalez, 3/2/15

Sally, I am so impressed by your talent. So many lovely designs. I am Truly interested. Love you both, Josie
-- Josie Justeniane Abril, 3/2/15