After a 20-plus year hiatus from drawing, emerging artist Sandi Lane began to re-explore her first love, art, in 2005.  She quickly picked up where she left off and, as she experimented with various pastel and paper types, her artistic skills blossomed.  To the delight of family and friends, Sandi issued her first set of limited edition prints in 2006.
Self-taught as an artist, Sandi has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior.  She also works in aviation real estate and is the mother of three children.  Living in San Jose, California, she finds inspiration in the diverse geography of the Bay Area, from the vineyards of Napa, to areas up and down the coast.  Her portfolio includes landscapes, florals and animals.  A long distance runner and sports enthusiast, Sandi’s most recent work enters the sports realm with a commission of a 1965 Wilson baseball glove.  With their intensely rich pigments and ability to capture fine detail, pastels remain her preferred medium.  Sandi Lane’s work has already caught the eye of private collectors in and she is available for commission work.


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