St Ives Bamaluz Beach, oils on wood panel
As an artist I have worked in paint, collage, sculpture and textile, among other mediums, in order to develop my artistic skills.  I also believe in studying the great masters, particularly those that resonate with me.  Recently I have begun creating work inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, particularly the work of John William Waterhouse and Edward Coley Burne-Jones.  I am drawn to the alchemy of creating something beautiful out of nothing (well not nothing exactly as I use the highest quality materials I can currently afford).

As a contrast to this I also enjoy painting en plein air (outside from life), drawing inspiration from the Impressionists and other artists from the 19th Century, including John Singer Sargent and the Spanish artist Joaquim Sorolla (pronounced Wakim Soroya).  I enjoy the challenge of being in the environment of the painting, capturing the changing light, and my relationship to it.  This is much more spontaneous than painting in the studio and the paintings retain a freshness, with broader brushstrokes and speed necessary to capture the changing light. I particularly enjoy painting in St Ives, Bournemouth and the Algarve, as there is something special about the light in all these places.  

"Running Barefoot" 8x6 oils on wood panel
As a contrast to painting en plein air, and as a way to continue creating when away from my paints and brushes, I have been developing a creative language that includes digital art, film and animation, using my iPad and iPencil.  I am currently illustrating a children's book using this medium.

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