This is an Art Quilt that was part of my Featured Artist Exhibit at the Spring Valley Library for April and May 2016.


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Featured Artist for August


Fiber Art "Once in a Blue Moon"
This is one of my Art Quilts on display at the La Mesa Library.


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White Rabbit with Flagolet



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Green Art Wall Quilt



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Suzanne Gegna Artist Blog


First entry on this blog, seems fitting to begin with an interesting experience that falls into the category of Meta (karmic) Coincidence, or simple synchronicity.

This is how I came to acquire this almost antique wonderful pink quilted sewing box.

For a long time I've been needing to move from one storage space to a closer, better lit, less expensive storage space.  Finally, happily, last Saturday, with the great help of my son, I was able to do it.
So, there I was, entering the code into the  very large complex of the old storage area, just about to jump back into the truck to continue to my space...when I spotted three women, clearly related, clearing out boxes and lamps and chairs and, right where I could just see, a tray of thread. 
So I impulsively asked who was the seamstress?  They said it was their mother (Betty, who had passed about three years ago), and they were sorting through her belongings and if I sewed would I like her sewing box?  Well, of course I said yes. 

Betty's Sewing Box
Recently finished this Green Art Wall Quilt.....


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