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Hi Teddy; I LOVE your website !!
-- Gary Shoe, 2/5/19

Wow Teddy! I am very impressed.
-- Joan Flint, 10/31/17

Teddy, These are beautiful works of art . It’s simply a joy to look at the pieces you have created . I love your style and colors . Thanks for sharing on this website . Julie
-- Julie Ortega , 10/31/17

Great website. Such wonderful paintings
-- Karen Schmedeke, 10/31/17

Rob sent me your contact info. here in Arvada. I retired from San Marino Retirement Community where Rob worked. He got the office staff hooked on Starbucks Chai tea and played the piano with his band for the residence. I miss him,what a nice person!
-- Beth Foltz, 10/30/17

I love this new site! You posted a few pics of work I haven’t seen before. Good job Teddy!
-- Rob , 10/30/17

Wow Teddy. I love this stuff.
-- Gary Shoe, 10/29/17