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Marlene, I am mesmerized by Desert Glow. You are brilliant. Cousin Gloria
-- Gloria Goss, 8/23/16

Mark KertzmanGreat stuff!! Vivid and provocative!
-- Mark Kertzman, 7/15/16

Beautiful work! Keep it up.
-- Vita Sorrentino, 10/24/15

-- Cat, 9/3/15

I love what you are doing, I went to Capri Blue and sow your beautiful painting, it is stunning; good luck, I miss your guys, keep in touch.
-- Vita Sorrentino, 7/26/15

Your art is amazing! I love this latest one! You two rock!!
-- Jeannie, 5/18/15

Your art is beautiful. My favorites are Cosmic Eye and Illumine. Cindy Grey 3/25/15
-- Cindy Grey, 3/25/15

Love, love your beautiful website! Great seeing you both Terry & Marlene.
-- Rose Reilly, 7/6/14

Terry - I love them... You are VERY talented my friend.
-- Janeen Johns, 1/10/13

some very instering images and you are in my blog on 04-13-12
-- Triptych, 4/13/12

Gorgeous paintings. Thanks for sharling.
-- Peggy Kunsman, 2/4/12

Hi Terry, We connected on Zhibit before they closed the Friends Wall. Love your work!
-- Lee Pina, 4/21/11

I love your abstracts and would like to ask you more about them.
-- Elaine Mancarati, 8/10/10

You still amaze me. Fantastic
-- Kathleen Schneider, 5/26/10

I love the style of the abstract art!
-- Jonah Price, 5/16/10

-- Janice Reich, 3/17/10

Amazing artwork!!
-- Lysa Chesbrough, 2/15/10

Great Webb page!
-- Shayne Killam, 9/17/09

nice art . always been interested in abstract. starting to collect some pieces now. would be interested in some prices. thanks
-- Steve Ludwig, 5/29/09

Marlene, I love your stuff! Maybe one day I can afford an original, LOL!
-- Linda Magid Duncan, 4/3/09

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