Robert Templeton Tempe Pottery
Creative Clayworks of Robert Templeton


My great aunt Mary Templeton, a petite,single kind art teacher, introduced me to the wheel as a child a couple of summers in Buffalo, N.Y. I loved the tactile feel of the clay and playing with color.  My little pots emerged from the kiln and magic transformed them from mud to ceramic.  For decades I followed a law career, with my heart longing to go back and play with mud. A few years ago, my wife and I made a life change and moved to Cape Cod from California. We were drawn to the natural beauty here and the large art community, (she's a painter) . I returned to the wheel and fed my passion again. I love experimenting with shapes, textures, colors and glazes. I'm inspired by the cape's great wild beauty, my frequent travels to Europe and ancient cultural art movements. My pottery takes a long laborious effort but throughout the process, I rediscover that magic from my childhood. 


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