My work is about my love for and connection to the natural world. I am greatly inspired by the world we live in – the forests, wetlands, mountains, rivers and ponds, the ocean, and all the rich organic life that populates these places.
I am devoted to the essence and beauty of these natural forms, and they give my work energy. In my botanical studies I work mostly from live flowers and leaves in my garden and the surrounding forest. I wait for the right moment in the season, then I pick the bloom or leaf, hurry to my studio, and begin drawing. Often I also take some photos at that time to use as a reference later. I work slowly from several successive blooms or subjects, and usually don't finish the work in one season. Many of my botanicals have taken years to complete, as I wait for each season to bring back my subjects.

Over the years I’ve become a real collector of not only plants but also shells, rocks, and all types of insects – and I continue to be inspired by all these sensual things.

Prints of most of my artwork are available for sale. You may contact me at


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