RIP. I am glad we got a chance to meet.
-- Dylan, 8/4/11

Enjoyed going through your site again Todd, you have a great style of painting!!Some of our paintings have similar qualities in them. Anyway nice checking back at your site,happy new year bud!
-- James Lasenby, 12/31/10

Love your works. Beautiful.
-- Anthony Lusignan, 12/29/10

your mountain paintings are wonderful...see you soon!
-- Betsy Valian, 9/25/10

cool lov it mas, mas(more,more)todd ie
-- Joemama, 4/6/10

Beautiful work Todd, your canvas explodes with so much color. It's hard to choose a favorite their all terrific! Glad I joined this site to.
-- James Lasenby, 2/23/10

The Columbia Park landscape is full of vibrant colors it almost looks as if was digitilzed , great work .
-- Fabian Ramirez, 6/7/09

Hello Todd!! Wonderful work, love your landscapes and drawings, all of it is very moving, not to mention that I have a nephew named Todd Gregory, might we be somehow related?? We are the Gregorys of Charleston and Georgetown South Carolina!! I love your approach to art and I paint portraits myself. Mostly in Europe as I studied there at the Sorbonne, enjoyed your art so much. Hope to see more soon.
-- Thomas Gregory, 5/19/09

Nice Work. We have the same name. I'm a retired art teacher from NJ / PA. Crazy! I doubt your middle name is Richard .
-- Todd Gregory, 2/18/09

Todd, no comments! you are the best! hugs and kisses!
-- Art, 2/4/09

Amazed! Magnificent work!
-- -Michael Romero, 11/23/08

trippy and beautiful your use of color is extraordinary watercolors are more somber objects are too close or too far away, gives a sense of lonliness and frustration
-- Kevin Sarber, 7/29/08

Fatastic site, but it would be nice if there were some vegetation on the chest! Ha!
-- Scott Rugh, 7/9/08

wonderful work. inspiring and instilling.
-- Mick, 7/5/08

hey todd, nice work...i'm a huge fan of art....love your portraits...sad in thier simplicity good stuff
-- Patrick Hooey, 6/26/08

Very nice, good work
-- Frank Furtado, 4/10/08

i studied art in chicago and fter googling myself i decided to check out the website i never posted. huh!
-- Todd Gregory, 2/22/08

The artist community of Zhibit.org laments the passing of Todd Gregory. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Todd Gregory, RIP.

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