Toni's FireWorks
Pottery that combines practicality with charm...


Toni Wagner

 I make functional pottery that combines Practicality with charm. Things that make everyday special. Each piece is individually designed and one of a kind.  My work has been selected for state wide exhibits in Hawaii...

We came to Kauai from California on our honeymoon in July 1970, and never left. . It has been a great adventure.

In 1974 I took my first pottery class at KCC from Wayne Miyata. I knew from day one that this was my passion. The Japanese esthetic has inspired me  and still influences my work. After about 6 years at KCC , where I worked as the  assistant in the Ceramics lab,  I was ready to move on and create  my own pottery studio.

My husband Ron built my gas kiln from a kit and boxes of fire brick. And she still works perfectly.

I have continued my studies, in New Mexico at the Acoma reservation with  Lucy Lewis’s daughters Dolores and Emma , A Yixing teapot making workshop here on Kauai , and a Mata Ortiz workshop With Jorge Quitana from Mexico. Bizen Pottery workshop in Japan...The techniques I've learned I share with my pottery students in hand-building classes that I have conducted for the past 15 years.

Toni Wagner 



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