Bravissima Mi ha parlato di te una mia amica
-- Matilde, 10/9/21

Beautiful creations; gorgeous use of colors.
-- Emma Muzzy, 4/28/21

Your work is outstanding, Vita! I love the colorfulness of it as well as the subject matter and the abstracts!
-- Lilian Cartwright, 12/31/18

Love this. Please call me at 619-508-0764 or 619-267-5141.
-- Julie Gay, 10/5/17

Thanks for sharing your paintings, I loved looking at them. :-)
-- Micki Reynolds, 1/18/17

I really enjoyed visiting your site. You created many beautiful pieces of work!!!
-- Dorothy M. Walter, 2/28/15

It just gets better and better, Vita. I love your artwork!
-- Marlene Levitt, 12/20/14

Your artwork is beautiful . I'm so glad to have experienced seeing your work.
-- Jane Shaw, 12/4/14

Andrew Henning MartenssonYour art is remarkable. The rendering of flowers is certainly singular. I guess I just wanted to compliment such a fine artist, and maybe mention that I also do art. Please respond..... Andrew
-- Andrew Henning Martensson, 8/28/14

Visited the Spanish Village gallery studio where your triptych watercolor collage is displayed. Liked it very much. Could not find it among the other items displayed at your Website. Hope it's juried into the exhibit of this year's Gallery Artists as I'd like to come by and visit, again.
-- Linda Gunther, 3/3/14

Hi Vita, It was lovely meeting you at the art class last weekend. And so fun to see your work! I especially like the Zen Flower series and the Moon series. You have an enchanting sense of color. Take care and happy painting! Best, Terry
-- Terry Azkoul, 5/1/13

Thanks, Vita! I loved looking at your creations! XO Kathie
-- Kathie Blenkush, 1/5/13

Vita, finally found your website... by accident. Paintings look so pretty. I may need to look at your collection for something for my new LA condo!! Beautiful stuff.... sue
-- Susan Mackauf, 12/14/12

Beautiful work! I hope to become a FB friend.
-- Lin Holzinger, 1/18/12

I enjoyed your abstracts, the flowers and the regatta. Nice work. I am a student of Annette's.
-- John Tondelli, 10/26/11

VITA - feel so very fortunate to be the proud owner of "JANUS HOUSE" -whatI beleive to be your best work ever !!!! paul
-- Paul A Serritella, 7/16/11

Sharon L. FordNice! Love your artwork! Sharon
-- Sharon L. Ford, 6/8/11

Love your artwork and will forward it to my artist friends.
-- Diane Burlison, 3/28/11

VITA - 'can only say your works are the most vibrant/aristic/bold paintings that ever graced my home - it is an honor/priviledge to have your paintings grace my humble abode - U r the BEST - thank you - luv - paulee
-- Paul A Serritella, 3/25/11

thank you vita for the beautiful paintings for our room. your talent is exceeded only by your ability to know exactly what we love! give victor our best!
-- Chess, 3/21/11

I thoroughly enjoyed your paintings. They are an exciting burst of blended color and beauty and are so open to interpretation by the viewer. You are indeed gifted. Thank you for sharing your talent.
-- Michela Denaro Bovich, 2/28/11

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your work!!
-- Esther Beish, 2/6/11

Hi Vita, I met you again at Mimi's for Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely love your art. I especially enjoy looking at the one titled First Sight. I love the colors you used in that one. It spoke to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. Have a great day!
-- Susan Dunigan, 11/29/10

I love them all !!!
-- Judy Cornell, 7/16/10

Sherry Solowmagnificent work!! Molto Bene!!
-- Sherry Solow, 6/27/10

-- Jennifer Owen, 6/15/10

Stunning work!! Bravo!!
-- Pamela Fuller, 6/9/10

Bonnie WoodsThanks, Vita, for your kind comments on my new webstie. I'm happy you like it. It shows the fantasy side of me. Love your work too - so exciting, fresh and fun. Bonnie
-- Bonnie Woods, 6/3/10

Love your work. It is absolutely beautiful.You are very talented! Exciting that you are experimenting with different mediums! Ciao! John and odette
-- John Sileno And Odette Engelberg, 6/1/10

Wow! Your artwork is spectacular! Dee Durbin
-- Dee Durbin, 5/22/10

MARLENE LEVITTYour paintings are the BEST! Love your colors.....

Vita your artwork flows with love, joyous colors, and intriguing compositions. It's obvious that your artwork comes from your heart. What a gift you are to society. Your spreading so much beauty and joy.
-- Sandra Victor, 4/3/10

Susan BainbridgeHey Vita! Congratulations on the 1st prize at the SDWS show! That's a gorgeous painting. Keep up the good work. Susan
-- Susan Bainbridge, 3/28/10

You have a lot of talent that comes through on each canvas,great imagination! Glad I joined up to this site.
-- James Lasenby, 2/27/10

James LasenbyHI Vita what an explotion of color the radiates from your canvass,beautiful work! I am glad to have joined this site,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 1/11/10

I think your work is very beautyful and intresting.
-- Mher Khachatryan, 1/7/10

Vita, Absolutely love your work. So impressive. Joan
-- Joan Emanuel, 1/2/10

Sherry SolowI happened upon your art works. Stunningly beautiful!!
-- Sherry Solow, 11/13/09

Vita ... you are a talent!!!! Your color is delicious and eye candy!
-- Ann Walker, 10/17/09

Vita SorrentinoYour works are a bargain at twice the price. Thanks so very much. I enjoy "Andrea D" immensely. Grazie Paul
-- Vita Sorrentino, 7/30/09

Beautiful works, your colors are wonderful. The Zen's collection is wonderful
-- Kelley Zaun, 7/13/09

Fabulous work!
-- Pamela Fuller, 7/12/09

Felice CiprianiGreat Work Bravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 7/4/09

ciao vita, noi due abbiamo lo stesso nome e cognome, io sono siciliana e da ragazza amavo dipingere. sei molto brava, i tuoi quadri di fiori sono molto belli , sono lieta che una artista si chiami come me, ciao cara vita, sei ok
-- Vita Sorrentino, 4/9/09

Dexter Weld GastonI always have and always will love your work. I think I now have eleven of your works and adore every one- their uniqueness and beauty are only surpassed by the artist.
-- Dexter Weld Gaston, 4/1/09

Your work is rich and lively. Thank you!
-- Sibyl Stork, 3/28/09

Wow...........I really like the 'pull' of your paintings! The are engaging and dramatic, and have a softness that brings contemplative comfort. Thanks for the pleasure of the experience.
-- Andrea, 3/22/09

I love your work Vita!!! So beautiful, and your site is now saved to my favorites.
-- Lisa Derby, 3/16/09

Paint brought to life through creative thought and touch.
-- Teresa, 3/3/09

Beautiful flowers! We have one of your painting.
-- Walter Francesconi, 2/22/09

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