"just as one would wish to speak not only clearly but with some civilized and musical quality of grace, so one may wirte, and the writing be worthy of the name of Calligraphy ~ by which is meant ~ handwriting considered as an art."

growing up all over these united states, yvonne has lived in a variety of beautiful settings and quickly learned to appreciate the colors and patterns in this ever-changing world.

she graduated from a commercial art program early on, and made her living at a local newspaper building ads ("ours is not to question taste, ours is but to cut and paste!"). she has dabbled in pastel portraits, and pen-and-ink, but her true love remains calligraphy. being left-handed (and right-brained) has been a challenge at times...but one which she clearly has overcome. the grace and symmetry of the art is what moves her. it portrays a rhythm with nuances that cannot be reproduced by computer font. yvonne's current favorite alphabet is celtic-inspired.

she also enjoys the more immediate gratification of photography....and still has a pentax k-1000, which she favors...and continues to practice the healing arts through nursing, massage therapy and reflexology in south central massachusetts.

**member, mass scribes; member, national association of professional women


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 yvonne elizabeth • Natick, MA
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