Plein air Landscapes Plein air Landscapes
Most of my paintings are done on site, My Plein air paintings are either acrylic or oil on canvas . They express the joy I feel in nature and reflect a passion for depicting all kinds of weather or season. Palette knife is sometimes used instead of a brush.

Children Children
When outdoors painting I sometimes ( rarely)  include figures I see especially children on the beach, at sailing lessons or fishing. 
I have done commissions for people who want to celebrate a special occasion with a painting done from an old photograph of their now grown up children, at play when they were young. Not posed but actively doing an activity like running into the lake or climbing up huge rocks.
My approach is my usual impressionistic style based on a photograph they supply me with. I even once did a favourite calico cat in pastel. These days I mostly work in acrylic or oils which is the medium I select for my landscapes. Aside from my numerous ink and pencil sketches.

Winter views en Plein air Winter views en Plein air
Small Oils on canvas .
Quickly worked outdoors in snowy conditions.

Studio work Studio work
These works were made either from location sketches or from abstracted images in my head. Some are experimental.

New abstractions in oil New abstractions in oil

Last summer I returned to oils using rags,palette knife and brushes in a new approach to abstraction.

The Best Things in Life The Best Things in Life
Acrylic paintings that depict fun times outdoors of young and old. Timeless activities that make you feel good !

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