Self portrait
Alain Boucher was born in Montreal, Canada in 1967. An emotional and self-educated artist, he works predominantly in the medium of Oil painting. Alain Boucher has completed a bachelor in architecture in 1991. He learns and works as a florist designer for six years. those influences concept, structure analysis and understanding of his work.

In his work, constantly under a conceptual architectural influence, he tries to paint the movement and feeling to reproduce a warm atmosphere of comfort, which sometimes represents loneliness, sometimes the passion, love or adventure.

The artist wants to make an emotion that is directly linked to his experience of life, allowing him to review the different stages of his life by the dialogue with his painting during his creation.

By life scenes in vibrant colors, water and light represent the beauty of the world, movement and the soul of his work, he seeks the viewer to vibrate and travel to share a moment of happiness that he lives in the creation of his work.



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