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Well the summer is almost over, at least for us Catholic school parents. Over the next few weeks we are in countdown mode to get Natalya ready for school. She has done lots of fun camps, from the animal shelter to and intensive swim camp and has had a blast.

We spent most of the summer going to swim meets. Natalya competes for the Downey Dolphins swim team and is really developing into a good swimmer. I love the sport, it is great fun to watch!

In a few weeks we will go to Ohio to visit the Carney side of the family. It should be a lot of fun to see everyone...it seems like it will be a large reunion!

There is a lot going on in Honduras these days and we are doing our best to stay informed. Gunther's sister and her family visited us for a week and Natalya got to interview her cousin about her trip from Tegucigalpa to Los Angeles. It was the highlight of the summer to see Gunther's family. 


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a word about layoffs...


Recently Mattel had another round of layoffs. Mattel has many layoffs, it just feels unique when it happens to you. I was caught up in a massive layoff nearly 3 years ago, so I know first hand how it feels. 

I have contacted a few of the recently laid off, just as those just before me had done when I was laid off. They seem OK at the moment which is good. 

Everyone experiences and processes this event differently, so many factors are involved: how long you were at the company, your age, your kids ages if you have any. This sort of rambles, but for those who are interested, I am going to list some things that helped me:

1) Taking at least a month to process the event and get ready for the next step

2) I made sure my car was in good working order. I ended up freelancing all over town, so this was crucial!

3) Being social. I let my friends and colleagues know I was doing well and prepared to move on to other opportunities

4) I finished my masters thesis and had a solo art show. 55 of my best friends and wonderful people came!

5) Staying present and focused, this is a gift we need to give ourselves.

6) Fixing up the house. So many things get set aside while working the long hours and having the house in good shape makes it ready to sell and move to another great city or stay and enjoy.

7) Be thankful, yes very thankful for those who reach out to you. You will be amazed at the ones who are there for you. Focus on them, not those who do not. Start building your professional network. 

8) Do the same for those who come after you, they will need your support too. 

9) This happens to good, hard working, talented people all the time, you are in good company. Stay focused, directed and positive. A year from now you will be amazed at all you have accomplished!


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Eclective: an eclectic artist collective


Eclective Art Exhibition
Long Beach 2nd Saturday Artwalk
Saturday, June 9, 2007
4 pm - 10 pm

Downtown Long Beach
Linden Ave. between Broadway and 1st Street

June's 2nd Saturday Artwalk feature work from Eclective, a group of talented artists who met while working at a local educational products company.

These diverse artists spend their days at work designing and illustrating children's books, games, packaging, and catalogs…but spend their free time pursuing their own personal artistic visions.

Eclective is made up of 17 artists working in a wide range of mediums and styles—from photography, painting, and graphic design to jewelry making, collage, and digital art.

Their work will be on display and for sale on June 9, from 4 pm until 10 pm. It is located in downtown Long Beach, on Linden Ave. between Broadway and 1st Street.

Eclective Artists:

Aaron Eskridge
Adrien Rivera
John Wales
Angela Alcerro
Colleen Madrid
Ed Carlos
Branden Summers
Jeff George
Angela Oliver
Cielo Roth-Calderon
Leo Mcintire
Lord Mesa
Neil Segura
Robert Mayer
Spencer Richards
Vanessa Arantes
Walter Quick

For further information, please contact William Schurmann:
562-714-8545 or schurmy@mac.com.


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It is the Best...I have never been so overwhelmed...it is you...Much Love...
-- Melbaruth Melott, 6/3/07