Amy Zoe Bekier Fine Art
The pure pigments of pastel and oil allow for vibrancy and softness simultaneously.


A blessing can be found wrapped inside of a challenge

As an award winning artist, I enjoy working with soft pastels and oils. Ground pastel pigment is the purest and most vibrant form of color. When a pastel painting is placed under glass it is quite robust, offering decades of pleasure. When mixed with other mediums it creates oil paint and water color. Painting with pastel yields a sensuous feeling that allows for simultaneously creating vibrancy and softness. Oils offer a satisfying saturation of color and suppleness unlike any other medium. 

Creativity comes in many forms. I have a type of muscular dystrophy called Facioscapulohumeral Disease (FSHD) and have learned to paint with my left hand since losing dexterity in my right. You can often see me painting with two hands, left for expanse & right for details.

Having grown up in Long Island, NY, earning an MS in Education and building a career as an insurance agent, I moved to San Diego, CA in 1999.  I now I have the opportunity to reveal my inner expression.  

When my work is going well I feel a sense of connection, fulfillment and tranquility.
I hope that this is what my artwork imparts to the viewer as well.



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Pastel & oil paintings, charcoal and graphite drawings of landscapes, still life, portraits and animals

 Amy Zoe Bekier • San Diego, CA
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